Desperate House Maids + Ren Dodge Photography

Meet some of my artist friends!  Yes, they are both brilliant.  Yes, they are both good cooks.  

Ashley Cox and Ren Dodge are both artists.  Both are multi-talented and witty, so it is no wonder that they work well together.  Tonight, 2/16, Ashley and Ren took part in a local erotic film festival.  Tonight, 2/16, they won the Judges award!

About Ashley: Strong, authentic, and as everyone would agree, looks very sexy in her glasses.  Ashley is also the owner of a very brand new sexy maid service called, “Desperate House Maids.”  (Love the name!)  She has experience in publicity, and is very calming to be around.

About Ren: Local legend reports that Ren can photograph any woman and make her feel beautiful; exactly what you want in fine portraiture!  He owns his own firm, “Ren Dodge Photography.”  I happen to know that Ren was recently hired as part of a rap video shoot team.  (Rad.)

"Briefs Film Festival" by Alisha


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