375 I Wish

Written by Alisha M. Forrester Scott  |  Alisha is a (contemplative) writer, artist, and social entrepreneur. 

I am the only one that was told that you couldn’t tell other people your wishes, or they wouldn’t come true?

"Wish Bees" poster design by Alisha "Bee" Copyright 2014

“Wish Bees” poster design by Alisha “Bee” Copyright 2014

Holy shit — what hogwash. Now that I am a bit wiser than to just believe “old world” advice about wishes (and other important things), I am finding that naming my wishes helps me to connect with my true self. There are literally countless instances in my own life where I have stopped wishing, because I didn’t believe that it did any good for me. Maybe, wishes were painful and fake magic spells that never actually worked?

But, I digress. Today, I am interested in NAMING my wishes, just to see what they are. I’ve never done this before.

I wish…

  1. for calm and safety in moments of anxiety and perception of insecurity.
  2. I wish to enjoy being as creatively altruistic and entrepreneurial as possible.
  3. I wish My Fate is unset.
  4. I wish to be an active part of any positive team spirit.
  5. I wish to make a living with my ability to organize people’s lives and businesses.
  6. I wish to create a ‘poster a day’ to express myself and my personality (and daily lessons).
  7. I wish to swim every day in a rejuvenating body of water.
  8. I wish to learn the science behind the art of cooking, and have more dinner parties because of it.
  9. I wish to become more flexible while experiencing physical and spiritual movement.
  10. I wish to complete a music album that I can sell to raise money for the bees.
  11. I wish that all of my bees projects and ideas can find supporters and production.
  12. I wish that my friends didn’t ever ride motorcycles.
  13. I wish that I could pet baby animals every day.
  14. I wish that I could travel to photograph the planet as she changes form.
  15. I wish that I could host a big game show, that was also a variety show, and talk show.
  16. I wish that I could remember to breathe more often.
  17. I wish that I had a good business manager that was directing my entrepreneurial processes.
  18. I wish that my wedding flashcards product would be selling a lot of units.
  19. I wish that my family would stop being Mormon.
  20. I wish that my family would stop blaming non-Mormons.
  21. I wish that I could get a body massage every day.
  22. I wish that I had the coolest travel equipment and photo technology.
  23. I wish that I could 3D print my own jewelry, and hot tub.
  24. I wish that I could consult more theatre producers on their productions.
  25. I wish that I could be consulted from theatre producers on theatre productions that I want to produce.
  26. I wish that I could work with other song writers for theatre and theatrical movies.
  27. I wish that I could have a party every week for the people who are present in my life.
  28. I wish that I could host sleepovers, and could provide free organic food to them.
  29. I wish that I could have my own line of chocolates that are good for you, and pretty, and so delicious.
  30. I wish that I could interview interesting people for a television show.
  31. I wish that I was interviewed about the bees and business by new people, more often.
  32. I wish that I could have access to the finest natural minerals and herbs, and that I could heal myself.
  33. I wish that I could buy my creative friends’ time and art, more often.
  34. I wish that I had a studio designed for my relaxation and creative process.
  35. I wish that I could represent helpful experts and artists who are changing the world into a global community.
  36. I wish that I could provide myself and my community with a free and open education on every topic of interest.
  37. I wish there were a special heaven on earth where religions and rich people could learn to love and get along better.
  38. I wish there were ways to work with prisoners to help save the planet and communities that are suffering.
  39. I wish there were banks that gave money away if you needed it; that simple.
  40. I wish there were friendly bees that were human-sized, so I could watch them up close without being somewhat anxious.
  41. I wish there were honey and retail outlets that were owned by the bees, so that bees could sustain their existence.
  42. I wish that bees had their own television series, as exciting as Game of Thrones.
  43. I wish that I had a big sister or brother.
  44. I wish that I could design and “print” any art piece I wanted to, just by using my thoughts and minds eye.
  45. I wish that I could hold my breath and go deep underwater, for as long as I’d like to.
  46. I wish that I could eat fish, again,without being upset about toxicity of the oceans and waterways.
  47. I wish that I had free access to the world’s best holistic health programs and therapies.

… I could go on. But, feel fine about ending the list now. (I have at least 47 wishes?!)

What do YOU wish for?

Drop me a line (if ya wanna) and let me know: alishatheexplorer@gmail.com.


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